How to Use Facebook News Feed Targeting — Step by Step with Live Example

Facebook is the biggest source of traffic in the digital world. Recently it rolled out a new feature called News Feed Targeting by which one can set preferred audience for individual posts to optimise news feed audience and visibility for posts. Here I present a step-by-step guide to News Feed Targeting. If your Facebook post targeting is not working, you need to bookmark this post right away and read each and every word of this article!

Indeed SEO Guide is important, but it’s a wish come true kind of feature for some Page Admins. Facebook post optimisation was one of the most demanded features apart from Facebook Page Optimisation. Now it allows News Feed Targeting based on interests, location, and demographics (age and gender).

Getting Started. What is Facebook News Feed Targeting?

Click on the Public button as shown in the image below. Here you get two options apart from Public:

  1. Restricted Audience which allows your to choose age and location.
  2. News Feed Targeting which allows you to fully customize who you want to target.

For better targeting, choose News Feed Targeting option. This is the Facebook organic post targeting technique.

News Feed Targeting Based on Interests

Here in this modal window, you can choose the people who you’d like to reach based on their interests. Facebook can help you to reach specific audiences by looking at their interests, activities, the Pages they have liked and closely related topics. You can choose up to 16 interests.

It even shows how many people you can reach in each interest category. Within the major interest category, you can choose sub-interests too. to further narrow out your preferred audience individual Facebook posts.

This feature makes sure your effort don’t go in vain. You can focus on your content and just choose your preferred audiences’ interest. Facebook does the rest.

You can also select which age group, gender, location and language you want to target.

News Feed Targeting based on Location

Select multiple locations you want to target. After selection locations, you can even choose the radius up to which you want to target from the selected location.

You can even target people based upon their relationship status and education level as shown in the image below:

Live Example Facebook Organic News Feed Targeting

Let’s say you have a product ‘handbag’ for young women. Here we target women whose age is between 15 and 25, who lives or are in Toronto, speaks English, are single or in a relationship, are in high school or a university and who have interest in Handbags.

It even shows the estimated reach. Cool, isn’t it? No blank targets!


Quick Tips for Reach the Right People using the News Feed Targeting feature | Facebook for Business

  • Select your audience based on minimum and maximum age.
  • Choose “All” unless you want your audience to include only men or women.
  • Enter one or more countries, counties, towns/cities or postcodes to only show your post to the people in those locations.
  • Targeting by town/city, region or postcode isn’t available in all countries.
  • Leave this blank unless the audience you are targeting uses a language that is not common to the location you have chosen above.

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