How to run a giveaway 3x cheaper than buying ads

and with a better conversion rate

Social media advertising cost-per-mille (CPM) ranges between $3 and $7. If you’re a novice, let me explain. What it basically means is for every 1000 impressions, the above-mentioned amount is charged by the advertisement platform (can be a platform like Twitter, Facebook or can be a 3rd party affiliate network)

Here’s the CPM Trend

And here’s the online advertisement spend. It’s soaring

Pieter Levels, founder of many micro-startups like nomadlist, remoteok, hoodmaps, makebook, airlinelist, ideasAI, QRmn — once tweeted that he’d giveaway Macbook Pro worth $3000 to any random person retweeting his tweet instead of spending on Twitter Ads on the New Year’s Eve. He literally called spending on Twitter ads would be a waste as this hack would get him a better ROI and it did. Check the results:

  • 1.5 Mn+ views
  • 80k engagements
  • 55k profile clicks
  • CPM close to just $2

Hats off to Pieter Levels


Product Manager @ ShareChat | Trader. I write about product management, financial freedom, and personal growth.

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