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How are you, people?

I have decided to write one article daily from now on my personal experiences which will definitely motivate you, people, a lot.

So let me start with what I am learning these days in my leisure time.

I have been learning Flutter, Javascript, NodeJS, GraphQL, Dart and whatnot for a few weeks now.

I was primarily interested in developing apps so was looking for a way to do it. I did some research and eventually, on recommendation by a friend who is an expert web/flutter developer, I started learning flutter.

Upon starting the journey, I came to know that Flutter uses Dart as its core language, and Dart seems to be a superset of Javascript. So I started learning Javascript as well. Yeah seems like I was jumping boats but this journey was and continue to be super awesome. I love it!

Javascript is really cool. I started with the basics, OOP & asynchronous concepts and the code design principles like SOLID etc.

After learning Javascript, I started learning Typescript which is a type-safe superset of Javascript, if I can say so.

I finally came back to Dart and it seemed pretty similar but cooler than Javascript. Just a fun fact, Dart was created by the Google team with a vision to replace Javascript as a web development language but failed to do so. Thanks to that failure they came up with Flutter ❤️

Flutter is so cool that you can create Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and Linux app with a single code base. Awesome, right?

I am enjoying learning flutter.

I can now create basic flutter apps and do basic state management, but I am still learning.

I realized one thing while creating apps that if ever I want to create a production-level app, I’ll need APIs.

There were two solutions — use public APIs (and thus be limited to the ideas) or write your own.

On the latter part, there were two solutions — REST API or GraphQL

I actually ended up learning both 😂

I learnt NodeJS and Express. It’s soooooo awesome! I learnt to connect MongoDB with it as well

Then I learnt the GraphQL thing (started with basics, then Sanity and ended up with Fauna) 🔥 I love it.

I would recommend everyone to learn Flutter as it’s relatively easier to learn. And if you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, then it’d be a life-changing experience.

Be in touch. Do subscribe. I’ll be back with more experiences.




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Ankur Shrivastava

Ankur Shrivastava

Product Manager | Stock Market Trader. I write about product management, financial freedom, and personal growth.